Dairy Powders

Skimmed Milk Powder

This milk powder contains max. 1.5% fat and min. 34% protein. It can be sold in high heat, medium heat or low heat quality.

Full Cream Milk Powder

Most of this product comes from the Pacific islands and South America. It contains max. 28% fat and min. 24% protein. It is available as instant or regular milk powder. On request, vitamins can be added.

Premium Powder and Fat Filled Milk Powder

This powder contains vegetable fat and can be made from different fat or protein contents. It provides a price-conscious alternative to FCMP.

Sweet Whey Powder

This powder is made from fresh sweet whey. It contains minimum of 11% protein.

Other dairy powders

Such as buttermilk powder, lactose, yoghurt powder, demineralised whey powder, MPC and caseine are available on request.

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